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I am trying to modify a title of a rss field to include text from another field. How can I put these two fields together to make a new field? Thanks, CP

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You can combine two fields using the Regex operator, by using ${...} notation in the replacement pattern to refer to other fields.

For example, if you want to replace the title field with the combination of the pubDate and link fields, you could set the parameters like this:

  • In: item.title
  • replace: .*
  • with: ${pubDate} - ${link}

In the replace parameter I used .* to match the entire content of item.title, and in with ${pubDate} will be replaced with the content of item.pubDate, and ${link} with the content of item.link.

Some more examples and screenshots:

replacing a field with the combination of other fields

If you want to create a new field with the combination of others:

creating a new field with the combination of other fields

If you want to prepend something to an existing field:

prepending another field to an existing field

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