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Is it possible to set the start background image using the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK? After extensive Googling, I have found nothing, which does not look promising. You would think this would have been announced somewhere. However, I wanted to confirm that it is not possible before giving up.

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Not sure why this should be closed for "unclear what you're asking". In my mind my the question seems pretty clear. –  msbg Apr 30 at 23:06
Would you find "yes" or "no" to be a useful answer? Likely what you want to know is "how"--in which case you should detail what you've tried and why it has failed. Just a simple search should have pointed you at something like: stackoverflow.com/questions/3595120/… –  Peter Ritchie Apr 30 at 23:46
Yes. I would find yes or no useful. Also, that question you linked to has absolutely nothing to do with what I asked –  msbg May 5 at 21:46

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Not possible, never announced, no method in SDK.

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