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I am a very, very beginner at coding. And I think I am close to achieving something, but just can't get it to work just right.

Our company loads our product database into a specific program that is searchable by customers in our industry. Until I figure out how to tie into the API they provide, our website lists all of our products through iframes.

Quite often I have a client asking me to provide them a direct link to a specific product number. I'd rather not try to create a separate page with an iframe specifically linked to that one product, so I've been searching online for how to accomplish all of this.

My site is

I built a special search page at

I am hoping for some way to be able to give my client a link to a product (SBP26 for example) in the form of something like

That will then tell the iframe on that page to load the src based on that extra info in the URL.

Here's what I currently have:

Link that i'd like to work:

The URL that should be called in this situation to correctly load the iframe would be

Here's the code on the page:

<iframe height="100%" name="WE_Frame" id="WE_Frame" src=""></iframe>
(function() {
var frameBaseSRC = document.getElementById("WE_Frame").src;
var frameQueryString = document.location.href.split("itemnum=")[1];
 if (frameQueryString != undefined) {
  document.getElementById("WE_Frame").src = frameBaseSRC + "&itemnum=" + frameQueryString;

To me this looks like it should work, but it doesn't work for me.

Am I way off? Or do I just have some kind of small issue?

I REALLY appreciate any help, or alternate ideas you may have.

Thanks in advance!

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have you tried debugging and adding a watch on the document.getElementById("WE_Frame").src value from your code it doesnt look as if it is doing what you are saying it is. – Qpirate Apr 30 '14 at 23:31

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You are missing "StartSrch" from the base iframe src that you are trying to append the query string to. Your iframe just needs to be updated like this:

<iframe height="100%" name="WE_Frame" id="WE_Frame" src="">

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How I missed that... wow. Thank you. Working great now – Nate May 1 '14 at 0:57

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