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I have a resume building site. In which user input their information and finally we need to create his resume in doc or pdf file.

Anyone help me please...

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Try Google first. –  Martin Bean Feb 26 '10 at 9:37
Please be more specific about which part you need help with. Right now the question smells like i'm too lazy to do it myself, so gimme teh codez, which often makes users hesitant to provide answers. –  Gordon Feb 26 '10 at 10:03

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You could start by typing "PHP create pdf" into google:

Generally you want to get started on your own, and then come ask questions if you hit a particular snag. This question is far too general.

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Use pdflib or fpdf, or any other library to generate PDF documents.

For generating Ms-word documents you can use a library to generate .doc file, wether in XML form office 2007+ or old doc format, write office XML from scratch (not so trivial).

Or, and its sound crazy but it is the simpliest way to do msword documents : create HTML and rename the file to .doc, msword opens it transparently and you can play with CSS (with the same limitations as in outlook 2007) to custom document styling.

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Here are 2 free options for creating PDFs:

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If you use Zend Framework, or you don't mind using it, it provides a simple api named Zend_Pdf.

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