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I need to parse a JSON or BSON object. My method at ApiController controller class is defined this way:

public object ReceiveObjectAction()
    JObject body;
    var contentType = GetContentType(Request);
    if (contentType == "application/json") {
        body = JObject.Parse(Request.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result);
    } else if (contentType == "application/bson") {
        using (var reader = new BsonReader(Request.Content.ReadAsStreamAsync().Result))
            body = (JObject)JToken.ReadFrom(reader);
    } else {
        // throw bad request.

    // process body, etc.

    public string GetContentType(HttpRequestMessage request) {
        <your answer here>

Question: How can I implement the GetContentType(HttpRequestMessage request) method?

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It's in the Content header:

public string GetContentType(HttpRequestMessage request) {
    return request.Content.Headers.ContentType;
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