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Is there a way that I can specify two separate ODBC driver managers - one for 32-bit applications, and one for 64-bit applications, but using a single user account for both?

This is to be implemented on Solaris 10.

In this case I have a need to use the DataDirect ODBC Driver Manager with 64-bit applications and drivers, and to use unixODBC with 32-bit applications and drivers (because of licensing restrictions with the DataDirect software).

I will use the 32-bit unixODBC and ODBC drivers to connect with Perl (which is 32-bit by default on Solaris 10).

Is this possible?

The 64-bit DataDirect Driver Manager and drivers are bundled with Informatica PowerCenter.

I can't use Perl with the DataDirect Driver Manager because of licensing restrictions, and I need to use PowerCenter with the DataDirect ODBC Drivers.

Batch processes for both Perl and Informatica PowerCenter are submitted under the same user account on Solaris.

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Have you tried? I can't see any issues. – Nan Xiao May 9 '14 at 5:29
@Nan Xiao - Im not sure how to specify 2 ODBCHOME variables under the same user account. – LokMac May 10 '14 at 11:25

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