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I have a drop down menu in only CSS and no JAVASCRIPT and I'm having a problem keeping the top (main menu item) highlighted when I move the cursor over the sub menu items. You can see the menu here http://www.codedecks.com/cssnav.html.

If you hover over "Kids" and move your cursor down, as soon as your over "Girls" the top "Kids" looses the highlight.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

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My suggestion is don't reinvent this particular wheel. There are SO MANY browser exceptions to this problem that you should just use suckerfish or something similar. It's just anightmare. – cletus Feb 26 '10 at 8:09
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Change #nav > li a:hover to #nav > li:hover a in your CSS.

Since you have the hidden second-level ul being shown when the top-level li is hovered, it makes sense to have the top-level a get the hover style at the same time. When you move your mouse over the second-level menu links, the a still looks active. li:hover applies even when you mouse over the child elements of the li, even if they're positioned so that they look like they're outside of the li's box.

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Thank you!!!! This work like a charm! – user281867 Feb 27 '10 at 9:00

For me it worked like this, without the >:

#navigation li:hover a {
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You're currently setting the hover state on the A tag, you need to (also) set it on the LI tag. When you are over a child UL, you are no longer over the A, but you are still over the LI. Try this:

#nav li hover {
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