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I have made multi facet ggplot using the facet_wrap function but could not find something that would let me create secondary y axis for a particular variable for all my plots.

I have tried looking in google and found http://rpubs.com/kohske/dual_axis_in_ggplot2 but i am not sure how to go from here to multi facet plots.

I melted the dataset to get to get the different facet plots but cant figure how to put in a secondary y axis for the particular variable in group.

fig4bplot<-    ggplot(fig4b,aes(x=as.Date(time),y=value,group=variable,color=variable))+geom_line(size=2,alph    a=4/5)+facet_wrap(~ Area)+theme_bw()
fig4bplot<-fig4bplot + theme(legend.position="bottom",legend.direction   ="vertical")+opts(axis.text.x = theme_text(angle = 90))
fig4bplot<-fig4bplot+xlab("Time")+ylab("One-Step Ahead Squared Forecast Error")+theme(text  = element_text(size = 30),
axis.title =     element_text(size = 30),
axis.text.x = element_text(size = 20,))
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I think I can answer my own question but I am not satisfied with my results. I combined from what I saw here rpubs.com/kohske/dual_axis_in_ggplot2 with rpubs.com/MarkusLoew/13295 to make first one combined plot then aggregating more plots vertically –  BaconDoggie May 1 at 6:37
See this possible duplicate stackoverflow.com/questions/21981416/… where the OP seems to have solved the issue themselves. –  Mattrition May 14 at 8:13
I'll assume you have answered your question, however wanted to direct you to another solution stackoverflow.com/questions/26917689/… –  Dan Nov 17 at 5:55

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