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I am using XBee series 2 module for communication between arduino and computer. I have coordinator attached with computer and an end device with arduino. I want to send data from arduino after every 1 min. But the problem is i am using cyclic sleep mode on end device with ST (time before sleep = 5 sec which is default value). I first send data as soon as module is on which works fine.But then after 5 sec module enters in sleep mode. Then after 1 min i am unable to send data to computer. In fact my end device module does not communicate with arduino either. Any idea how to awake sleeping module?

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Take a look at pin 9, the "sleep request" pin. I believe the host can use that pin to wake a sleeping XBee, or tell it that it's OK to go to sleep.

I found a blog post on "Low-Power XBee Sleep Mode with Arduino and Pin Hibernation" that should get you pointed in the right direction.

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