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Why this piece of code is working on my fsi, but can't build the project? I am using vs2010 and F# 2.0 ...Any ideas that I am missing something?

let arg = [@"C:\Temp\bin"; @"C:\temp\xml"]
arg|> (s) -> printfn "%s" s)           

getting the error telling that it was expecting int, how?

Error 1 
Type mismatch. Expecting a string list -> int but given a string list -> 'a list  
The type 'int' does not match the type ''a list'    
C:\Users\Ebru\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\WinFind\WinFind\Program.fs
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I'm guessing you actually wrote

let Main(args) =
    let arg = [@"C:\Temp\bin"; @"C:\temp\xml"] 
    arg|> (s) -> printfn "%s" s)  

and an EntryPoint method (e.g. Main()) must return an int.

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you are a star! Thanks Brian... – demokritos Feb 26 '10 at 9:32

this snippet compiles on my machine, but the mapping seems weird. I think you really what to do this:

let arg = [@"C:\Temp\bin"; @"C:\temp\xml"]
arg|> List.iter (fun s -> printfn "%s" s)

which is the same as:

let arg = [@"C:\Temp\bin"; @"C:\temp\xml"]
arg|> List.iter (printfn "%s")

Regards, forki

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