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I have below script to alter the NL, but when it is altering it should take "NL" value into single quotes like below

alter nl('$NL') 

but now below script is doint with out single quotes alter nl($NL), where to modify below script to put NL value in single quotes '' ?

if [ $# != 3 ]
echo usage: alterNamelist.sh QMGR MQREQ NAME

NL=`echo 'dis qmgr'|runmqsc $1|grep REPOSNL|sed 's/.*REPOSNL\(.*\).*/\1/' |cut -d'(' -f2|cut -d')' -f1`

echo 'define nl('$NL'_'$2') like('$NL')'|runmqsc -e $1
echo 'dis nl('$NL') names ' | runmqsc $1 | nawk '
$1~/^NAMELIST ?\(/ {nl=$0}
$1~/^NAMES ?\(/ {a=1}
a==1 {
  s0=s0 "+\n" $0
  if (/\)/) {
sub( /\)/, ","addname"\)", s0)
print "ALTER", nl, s0, "DESCR (", descr, ")"; exit
}' addname="$3" descr="$2" | runmqsc -e $1

For information above script is doing below thing

alter nl($NL) names(1, 2, 3, $NAME) descr($MQREQ')
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change from

echo 'define nl('$NL'_'$2') like('$NL')'


echo "define nl('$NL'_'$2') like('$NL')"

The rest follow the same fix.

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Sorry it didn't work... :( –  user3541225 May 2 '14 at 11:09
Well, what was your command line that "didn't work" and what was the output? –  Gary_W May 6 '14 at 19:10

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