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I am trying to build and debug the latest version of WebRTC in VS2013. Building inside from VS2013 fails, although using ninja directly (e.g., ninja -C out\Debug) works fine. Ideally I would like to edit, start a build and debug in VS2013:

If you do a system install of VS2013, you can use it for editing and debugging. ninja will still use the depot_tools version to build. This is preferred as it's automatically kept up-to-date as build requirements change.

I have followed the steps described here:


I have this environment variable set:


I have run the following command:

C:\dev\webrtc>gclient runhooks

(At the end of the command, I get a few "Warning: unrecognized tool MASM while converting to MSBuild." warnings)

Update: These warnings disappear if I remove the GYP_GENERATORS setting and run "gclient runhooks" again.

I then open "C:\dev\webrtc\trunk\all.sln" in VS2013 and try rebuilding the "peerconnection_client" project. But it fails with the following errors:

Error   1   error : loading 'build.ninja': No such file or directory    C:\dev\webrtc\trunk\talk\ninja
Error   2   error MSB3073: The command "call ninja.exe -C trunk\out\Debug\ -t clean peerconnection_client" exited with code 1.  C:\dev\webrtc\trunk\talk\peerconnection_client.vcxproj  308

"C:\dev\webrtc\trunk\talk\ninja" folder does not exist but my "build.ninja" file is in each of my C:\dev\webrtc\trunk\out(Debug | Debug_x64 | Release | Release_x64).

Do you know what I'm doing wrong?

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In case anyone has this error, you need to install DirectX SDK

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