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My shared hosting does not allow me to use the root \tmp directory.

I know that the location of the temp directory can be updated using the Swift_Preferences class, however, how do I do that for a SwiftMailer instance autoloaded by Symfony2?

Is there a way to set it in my config.yml?

I think the code should be:


But how/where can I set this config?

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There is more than a one way to do this. However, I think the best place for that would be inside boot method of your "main" bundle.



public function boot() {
    $tmpDir = $this->container->getParameter('my_website.swift_tmp_dir');


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You can modify the whole parameter via a autoprepend.php script:


and set it in the .htaccess in your document root:

php_value auto_prepend_file /var/www/yourdir/htdocs/autoprepend.php
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I'd like to make the change inside my project ideally. Rather than relying on system config. – Jon Winstanley May 1 '14 at 11:02
the .htaccess should stay in your project directory. The main advantage is, this modifies the tmp directory for every library which depends on sys_get_temp_dir() and not only swiftmailer. – Patrik Karisch May 1 '14 at 11:22

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