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I have a big list of words (>1000) which are actually filenames and a directory with a lot of source code files (>2000). I want , for each word(filename) in the list, to count its total occurences in all the files of the directory. What I currently do is:

for var in "${@:2}"
    BASE=$( basename "$var" )
    COUNT=$(grep -o "$BASE" $SEARCHPATH/* | wc -l)
    echo -e "$BASE:" " $COUNT"

which works but is inefficient because for each word it searches the whole directory, and the words are too many. I am looking for a solution that scans the directory once, accumulating the word count.

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Put all your words in a file. Then you can try this:

grep -ohFf wordsFile path/* | sort | uniq -c
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Works but it does not report the words not found at all. I guess an ugly hack is to concatenate the original list before sort and uniq and know that every result should be interpreted with -1 count – Paralife May 1 '14 at 11:05
Well, if you have two files containing words, you can find which words are not present in one of them by using comm, for example. This will need to be an extra step though. – dogbane May 1 '14 at 11:22

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