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I need to know if a name is already in use in Excel (for example as a named range) so that I do not allow the attempted creation of duplicate names. I tried the following but the loop body never executes (there are no exceptions thrown, it just looks like the collection is empty).

Can anyone suggest and alternative?

foreach (Excel.Name n in _workbook.Names)
    if (n.Name == name) return true;
return false;
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Are you sure that there are named ranges in this work book ? – Timores Feb 26 '10 at 11:09
The code works fine. Even for Sheet scoped names. As @Timores said, are you sure you have named ranges? – Mikael Svenson Feb 27 '10 at 15:43
I definitely did. Anyway, I went about it a different way and resolved the problem. – Dan Crowther Mar 9 '10 at 10:52

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