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In my company we are using some 3rd party static library that comes with a "wrapper" class and I want to create a pod for it. We have two versions of the static library, for simulator and device. The folder with the files that I want to include in the pod looks like this:

|- libEngine.a
|- libEngine-Simulator.a
|- Engine.h
|- EngineWrapper.h
|- EngineWrapper.mm
|- SomeOtherFile.bin

Now, since:

  • The library only supports armv7
  • EngineWrapper.mm is not using ARC
  • there is a requirement to set CLANG_CXX_LIBRARY to libstdc++ and
  • SomeOtherFile.bin needs to be "seen" by Engine.h,

the related part of my podspec looks like that:

s.requires_arc = false
s.source_files = 'Classes/ios/Engine'
s.preserve_path = 'Classes/ios/Engine/SomeOtherFile.bin', 'Classes/ios/Engine/libEngine-Simulator.a', 'Classes/ios/Engine/libEngine.a'
s.vendored_libraries = 'Classes/ios/Engine/libEngine-Simulator.a', 'Classes/ios/Engine/libEngine.a'
s.xcconfig  =  { 'CLANG_CXX_LIBRARY' => 'libstdc++', 'VALID_ARCHS' => 'armv7' }

This is just one of the hundreds of combinations/different settings I tried. I can provide more examples if you want. However, no matter what I try, I get the following error when trying to build:

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7

I tried to go through all the settings in Pods.xcodeproj but I can't see something suspicious there (but at the same time I am not familiar with the way Cocoapods works in detail).

Among others, I tried to:

  • keep a flat folder hierarchy (instead of the Classes/ios/Engine path)
  • use libraries instead of vendored_libraries
  • remove one of the static libraries
  • create a fat binary instead of having the two ones
  • zip all the files together (in the same way TestFlight does it in their podspec)
  • remove the VALID_ARCHS setting

and I also saw several different podspec examples using static libraries, but without any luck..

I am using Cocoapods ver 0.32.1.

If you have any idea of what could be wrong, please let me know before I lose my sanity. Thanks!

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