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i tried this example: http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/WireRead

But if i send less than 6 bytes from the slave the master still tries to read all 6 bytes and then the read function outputs -1/255. So actually the available function is kinda useless in this case, i could rather use a for till 6.

Any idea what i am doing wrong or how i can solve this? I cannot simply just filter all 255 values because sometimes i send them. I just dont understand the library behaviour here.

Edit: The weird thing is the read function returns an int, not a byte. So i can see if its -1 or 255. And its definitly 255 instead of -1. If i try to read 7 times instead of using the available function the last reading then is -1. Does the slave send wrong bytes or do i maybe need a pullup or whats going on here?

My solution is to read until read is -1 instead of using the available function. But there must be another solution.

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