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I'm using Laravel 4.1 with beanstalkd to run some intensive Photoshop PSD file processing in the background. I also installed phpBeanstalkdAdmin to monitor what's going on the queue.

The jobs being processed take around 7-10 minutes, but I've noticed that some of my jobs get restarted, even when they are still busy running.

Keeping an eye on phpBeanstalkdAdmin, I can see the job being buried when queue:listen picks up the job, but after a while it gets kicked back up, to ready.

To start the listening to the queue, I'm using:

$ ./artisan queue:listen --queue=my_queue --memory=512 --timeout=600

Inside the queue handler's fire() method, I'm simply starting an artisan command with

            '--alias' => $data['alias'],
            '--notify' => $data['email']

and calling

if ($job != null) {

once the job is done. But I can't figure out why it gets kicked to ready halfway through the job being busy.

Does Laravel kick the job back to ready after nothing happens to it in a preconfigured interval?

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There is a way better tool than phpBeanstalkdAdmin, it's Beanstalkd Console: github.com/ptrofimov/beanstalk_console –  Pentium10 May 1 at 17:19

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Seems like this issue was resolved a while back, no one bothered updating the Laravel documentation however:


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