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When I teach introductory computer science courses, I like to lighten the mood with some humor. Having a sense of fun about the material makes it less frustrating and more memorable, and it's even motivating if the joke requires some technical understanding to 'get it'!

I'll start off with a couple of my favorites:

Q: How do you tell an introverted computer scientist from an extroverted computer scientist?

A: An extroverted computer scientist looks at your shoes when he talks to you.

And the classic:

Q: Why do programmers always mix up Halloween and Christmas?

A: Because Oct 31 == Dec 25!

I'm always looking for more of these, and I can't think of a better group of people to ask. What are your best programmer/computer science/programming jokes?


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hahaha I understand now Octal 31 is equal to Decimal 25 – Jader Dias Dec 28 '08 at 19:36

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Personal one I came up with:

"Pirates go arg!!!, Computer pirates go argv!!" - mempko

sounds like a Scandinavian pirate to me – Ellery Newcomer Feb 21 '09 at 19:00
I like how he quoted himself – Omar Oct 4 '09 at 9:25
@Ellery: That'd be a viking – Jauco Dec 11 '09 at 14:20
Not argc??? Or would that just be the amount of times they go argv!! – Joe D Apr 13 '10 at 18:03
As someone awesome I know said "I like quoting myself" -mempko – mempko Sep 13 '10 at 2:32

Colors or words - what do You prefer ? alt text

The hex code, for some of them it is much easier to tell apart. – Danny Varod Oct 18 '09 at 21:17
Right over Danny's head - Zhoooooom! – Dennis Williamson Oct 18 '09 at 23:40
Am I in trouble if I don't get this? That's the natural way of picking colors isn't? – OscarRyz Oct 21 '09 at 0:10
I didn't know Lolcats were such a nice shade of blue! – sli Nov 20 '09 at 1:50

Rome wasn't built in O(1).

How do you know, unless they built two Romes of different sizes? – Alderath Aug 18 '09 at 7:12
You still won't know. You need an infinite number of Romes in order to check that assertion. – Windows programmer Aug 20 '09 at 2:14
If you only have a finite number of bullets then you won't be able to distinguish O(n) from O(1). The time required to fire all n bullets will be some length of time, Z seconds. Z is a constant. Z is O(1). No matter what number of bullets you decide to fire, it will take Z seconds or less. O(1). – Windows programmer Aug 21 '09 at 3:05
That makes no sense. Do you know what O(n) means? – jmucchiello Aug 21 '09 at 19:58
Yes I know what O(n) means, and O(various other functions), and various other kinds of asymptotic behaviour. Do you know how far an argument has to extend in order to get an asymptote? – Windows programmer Aug 24 '09 at 1:10

Heisenberg gets pulled over by the police. The officer asks, “Do you know how fast you were going?” Heisenberg answers, “No, but I know exactly where I am!”

-1: the joke's good, but it's not a programming joke. – SnOrfus Apr 2 '09 at 21:02
Although it's not a programming joke, this one is absolutely AWESOME! – Kevin Dungs May 30 '09 at 22:03
This reminds me of Futurama, The Professor in the races quantum finish: "No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it" Not programming related but funny =P – Carlo Jun 9 '09 at 21:41
gr8 ................... – The Surrican Sep 24 '10 at 0:24
if(you.AreHappy && you.KnowIt){
consider: you.Hands.Clap() – CrashCodes Jan 14 '09 at 22:31
for each (o in you.hands){o.clap();} – svinto Feb 19 '09 at 18:05
you->getHand(HAND_LEFT)->performAction(HAND_ACTION_CLAP, you->getHand(HAND_RIGHT)); Please consider. – LiraNuna Feb 22 '09 at 19:41
LiraNuna, Refactor ... you->leftHand->clap(you->rightHand); – strager Feb 22 '09 at 19:44
Stop it. Please. :) – Kensai Nov 27 '09 at 5:30

There are three types of people in this world:

  • Those that understand recursion
  • Those that don't understand recursion
  • Those that think there are three types of people in this world:

    • Those that understand recursion
    • Those that don't understand recursion
    • Those that think there are three types of people in this world:

      • Those that understand recursion
      • Those that don't understand recursion
      • Those that think there are three types of people in this world:

        • ...
I came up with this one in a better format: "There are two types of people in this world: those who understand recursion and those who don't understand that there are two types of people in this world: ..." – niXar Nov 28 '08 at 14:08

I always love the following poke at Java from Steve Yegge:

A popular nursery rhyme in Javaland

For the lack of a nail,
    throw new HorseshoeNailNotFoundException("no nails!");

For the lack of a horseshoe,

For the lack of a horse,
      new BroadcastMessage(StableFactory.getNullHorseInstance()));

For the lack of a rider,
        new MessageMedium(MessageType.VERBAL),
        new MessageTransport(MessageTransportType.MOUNTED_RIDER),
        new MessageSessionDestination(BattleManager.getRoutingInfo(

For the lack of a message,

For the lack of a battle,
    try {
        synchronized(BattleInformationRouterLock.getLockInstance()) {
    } catch (InterruptedException ix) {
      if (BattleSessionManager.getBattleStatus(
               new TweedleBeetlePuddlePaddleBattle()).populate(
                 RegionManager.getArmpitProvince(Armpit.LEFTMOST)))) ==
          BattleStatus.LOST) {
        if (LOGGER.isLoggable(Level.TOTALLY_SCREWED)) {

For the lack of a war,
    new ServiceExecutionJoinPoint(
          new PublishSubscribeNotificationSchema()).getSchemaProxy().
              new NotificationSchemaPriority(SchemaPriority.MAX_PRIORITY),
              new PublisherMessage(MessageFactory.getAbstractMessage(
                new MessageTransport(MessageTransportType.WOUNDED_SURVIVOR),
                new MessageSessionDestination(
                PartyRoleManager.PARTY_KING ||
                PartyRoleManager.PARTY_GENERAL ||

All for the lack of a horseshoe nail.
For those that don't have the correct import for cultural references: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_want_of_a_nail – Ilari Kajaste Sep 10 '09 at 10:20

A UNIX wizard hears cries of torment from his apprentice's computer room where the apprentice is studying, and goes to investigate.

He finds the apprentice in obvious distress, nearly on the verge of tears. "What's the problem?" he asks. "Why did you cry out?"

"It's terrible using this system. I must use four editors each day to get my studies done, because not one of them does everything."

The wizard nods sagely, and asks, "And what would you propose that will solve this obvious dilemma?"

The student thinks carefully for several minutes, and his face then lights up in delight. Excitedly, he says, "Well, it's obvious. I will write the best editor ever. It will do everything that the existing four editors do, but do their jobs better, and faster. And because of my new editor, the world will be a better place."

The wizard quickly raises his hand and smacks the apprentice on the side of his head. The wizard is old and frail, and the apprentice isn't physically hurt, but is shocked by what has happened. He turns his head to face the wizard. "What have I done wrong?" he asks.

"Fool!" says the wizard. "Do you think I want to learn yet another editor?"

Immediately, the apprentice is enlightened.

This is a great koan. – 3Doubloons Oct 3 '09 at 6:52
please explain im not sure whether i got it :D – The Surrican Sep 24 '10 at 0:22
The story is about the UNIX editor war between vi and emacs. Both editors never gave up, while new ones "better,faster" never came in the UNIX world. – Doomsday Sep 24 '10 at 13:57

Q: Why should OS X be afraid of Windows 7?

A: Because 7 8 9. And 10 is next.

Mac OS is (almost) at 10.6. – sebnow Feb 11 '09 at 7:54
Well, Windows will floor the thing anyways... – Svish Feb 23 '09 at 23:44
Svish: I presume you have used Mac OSX enough to come to such a fair, non-exaggerating conclusion? Good joke. – Jonta Mar 27 '09 at 14:42
Actually, 10 is NeXT... – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen May 3 '09 at 22:47
If Microsoft decides to use octal numbers, it won't take that long. – Danny Varod Oct 18 '09 at 21:05

If whitespace were truly white it would have show up on black background.

hehe, haven't thought of that actually. What would be the correct word for it then? – Shervin Asgari Jun 1 '10 at 13:52
@Shervin: I would like to rename it as "BlankSpace" – viky Jun 1 '10 at 16:41
Sounds better to me – Shervin Asgari Jun 2 '10 at 9:24

Software salesmen and used-car salesmen differ in that the latter know when they are lying.

... And some of them actually know how to drive. – Adriano Varoli Piazza Nov 18 '08 at 18:40

There are only 2 kinds of SQL developers:

  • Those who know how COUNT() treats NULLs
  • Those who don't
  • Those who don't care
Oh, good god, I feel so bad for laughing at that joke. It makes me feel like a nerd. – Tordek Nov 20 '09 at 3:10
I don't get this one.... – VoodooChild Jul 8 '10 at 5:19
@VoodooChild: Those who don't care have know_how_count_treats_null = NULL so they aren't counted – Bart van Heukelom Sep 25 '10 at 20:22
@Bart: those who don't care have know_how_count_treats_null IS NULL. know_how_count_treats_null = NULL evaluates to NULL. – Quassnoi Sep 25 '10 at 20:34
I didn't mean to write SQL but ok :P – Bart van Heukelom Sep 26 '10 at 14:14

For C-type languages...

    A bright young coder named Lee
    Wished to loop while i was 3
    But when writing the =
    He forgot its sequel
    And thus looped infinitely
Beautiful! It moved me. – Pieter888 Nov 26 '09 at 14:24


Your Name ___________________ Your Login Name ___________________ Which Project ____________________

  1. Urgency:

    <1 Hour ____   1-2 Hours ____  2-4 Hours ____
    Next Day ____  Next Week ____  Never     ____
  2. Reason for needing restore:

    Accidental Deletion ____  Accidental Corruption ____
    General Clumsiness  ____  Complete Stupidity    ____
    Klutz               ____
  3. Are you sure the file existed in the first place?

    Yes ____  No ____
  4. Are you sure the file isn't somewhere else?

    Yes ____  No ____
  5. How do you know the file isn't somewhere else?

  6. How long do you think it would take for you to re-create the file if a backup was not available?

  7. Don't you think it would be better if you hadn't deleted the file in the first place?

    Yes ____
  8. How much did you have to drink when you deleted the file?

    Pints ____              Gallons _____
  9. If you didn't want to delete the file, why did you type the command?

  10. Do you appreciate the amount of inconvenience that restoring a few files from a backup causes?

    No ____
  11. Have you deleted more work than you would normally create in a day?

    Yes ____  No ____
  12. Don't you feel really stupid having to rely on a backup to recover from your mistake?

    Yes ____  No ____
  13. Do you often regret things you have done?

    Yes ____  No ____
  14. Do you often worry about your responsibilities?

    Yes ____  No ____
  15. Do you worry about not being able to control your actions?

    Yes ____  No ____
  16. Do you think there is a connection between a person destroying their own work and having self destructive motivations?

    Yes ____  No ____
  17. Sign here:

That was awesome. Finally, an explanation of why no one makes backups. – Windows programmer Feb 4 '09 at 3:33
lol awesome ... this realy really make me laugh – OscarRyz Oct 21 '09 at 0:18
TLDR! &nbsp; &nbsp; – iamserious Jul 8 '10 at 10:45

I read not to use my cat's name as a password, but over these years I've really got used to "B-43%^!n#C@"...

I don't know why I think this is so funny but it is. Its like the old joke why did hellen kellers dog run away... you would too if your name was UUUUUUDFDFSDFSDFHSHDFHSDF! – ojblass Mar 27 '09 at 0:58
This one is great. Made me laugh – Pim Jager Apr 18 '09 at 16:56
Actually the joke went, why did Hellen Keller's dog run away - because she called him uuuurgh, why did her husband run away - because she called him by the dog's name. – Danny Varod Oct 18 '09 at 21:13
Why don't you just call your cat "C@" for short? – Jim Schubert Jul 10 '10 at 0:03

Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.


A J2EE architect, a dotNET guru, and a COBOL programmer walk into a bar. The barkeeper does a double-take and says... what is this, some kind of joke?

I was thinking the same thing while reading this... – amischiefr Oct 22 '09 at 12:22
i dont get it ... – The Surrican Sep 24 '10 at 0:14
HAHA LOL, that is so funny xD – The Surrican Sep 24 '10 at 0:14
I don't get it either. – Biosci3c Oct 21 '10 at 6:03

This inherits from a joke about engineers:

A pessimistic programmer sees the array as half empty.

An optimistic programmer sees the array as half full.

A Real Programmer® sees the array as twice as big as it needs to be and calls realloc().

Shouldn't it be the other way around? An array with less elements takes less time to process. – titaniumdecoy Oct 27 '08 at 3:04
@titaniumdecoy: The amount of elements is the same, realloc is called to match the capacity (which is larger) to the amount of elements. – sebnow Feb 11 '09 at 7:51
Oh man, I hate realloc(). – i_am_jorf Mar 16 '09 at 5:01
A repeat. Besides, Programmer(R) !? – Danny Varod Oct 18 '09 at 21:08
-1 for Danny. Mine is earlier than the other ones. Also, not "Programmer" but "Real Programmer®" – Dennis Williamson Oct 18 '09 at 23:56

UNIX is like eating insects.

It's all right once you get used to it.

Well unlike windows you CAN get used to it. – GameFreak Oct 13 '09 at 2:45

Wow. That is more sad than funny. – Nathan Long Aug 19 '09 at 12:29
golden oldy. still makes me lol. – Anonymous Type Aug 23 '10 at 6:26

Child: Dad, why does the sun rise in the east and set in the west?

Dad: Son, it's working, don't touch

Yet another repeat. – Danny Varod Oct 18 '09 at 21:15

CIA – Computer Industry Acronyms

CD-ROM: Consumer Device, Rendered Obsolete in Months

PCMCIA: People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

ISDN: It Still Does Nothing

SCSI: System Can’t See It

MIPS: Meaningless Indication of Processor Speed

DOS: Defunct Operating System

WINDOWS: Will Install Needless Data On Whole System

OS/2: Obsolete Soon, Too

PnP: Plug and Pray

APPLE: Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing Entity

IBM: I Blame Microsoft

MICROSOFT: Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools Teenagers

COBOL: Completely Obsolete Business Oriented Language

LISP: Lots of Insipid and Stupid Parentheses

MACINTOSH: Most Applications Crash; If Not, The Operating System Hangs

AAAAA: American Association Against Acronym Abuse.

WYSIWYMGIYRRLAAGW: What You See Is What You Might Get If You’re Really Really Lucky And All Goes Well.

+1 for WYSIWYMGIYRRLAAGW, its true most of the time – medopal Dec 19 '09 at 2:28
Macintosh apps rarely crash. – user142019 Jan 16 '11 at 18:03

When we write programs that "learn", it turns out we do and they don't.


There are three books of Murphy's Law, by Arthur Bloch, from the early 80's. A number of my favorites are found in those three volumes:

Osborn's Law

Variables won't; Constants aren't.

Laws of Computer Programming

  1. Any given program, when running, is obsolete.
  2. Any given program costs more and takes longer.
  3. If a program is useful, it will have to be changed.
  4. If a program is useless, it will have to be documented.
  5. Any given program will expand to fill all available memory.
  6. The value of a given program is proportional to the weight of its output.
  7. Program complexity grows until it exceeds the capability of the programmer to maintain it.

Troutman's Postulates (5 & 6)

  1. If the input editor has been designed to reject all bad input, an ingenious idiot will discover a method to get bad data past it.
  2. Profanity is the one language all programmers know best.

Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology

There's always one more bug.

Thanks, cjm, for the correction. – Ken Gentle Oct 25 '08 at 20:00
dance: while( true ){
    if( something() ) break dance;
I wonder who up-voted this.. – Blindy Jun 10 '09 at 8:29
I didn't do it. – Arnis L. Jun 10 '09 at 10:10

“If you already know what recursion is, just remember the answer. Otherwise, find someone who is standing closer to Douglas Hofstadter than you are; then ask him or her what recursion is.”


Took a while to get... lol! – chakrit Jan 10 '09 at 19:07
Finally a joke which models a more complete scenario of recursion, with a base case included! – Alderath Aug 18 '09 at 7:59

Not really a joke, but this makes me smile.

The three most dangerous things in the world are:

  1. A programmer with a soldering iron.
  2. A hardware type with a program patch.
  3. A user with an idea.
I can attest that a programmer with a soldering iron is a very dangerous thing indeed. Mostly dangerous to himself though. – wds Jul 8 '09 at 11:32
Soldering irons hurt. – Michael Myers Jul 24 '09 at 20:08
Still have my battle scars from industrial experience from my electronics engineering degree. Burning yourself with a soldering iron is the kind of thing you do once and then watch it like a freakin hawk every time you use one ever again. – Spence Jul 28 '09 at 7:11
Oops, no that's not a joke is a fact: superuser.com/questions/5321/… – OscarRyz Oct 21 '09 at 0:15
(4) A Manager who codes. (5) A developer who manages. (6) A programmer wearing a suit. (7) A manager wearing a T-shirt. (8) An MBA who thinks. ... – Jus12 Aug 22 '10 at 16:43

A Physician, a Civil Engineer, and a Computer Scientist were arguing about what was the oldest profession in the world. The Physician remarked, “Well, in the Bible, it says that God created Eve from a rib taken out of Adam. This clearly requires surgery, and so I can rightly claim that mine is the oldest profession in the world”.

The Civil Engineer interrupted, and said, “But even earlier in the book of Genesis, it states that God created the order of heavens and earth from out of chaos. This was the first and certainly the most spectacular application of Civil Engineering. Therefore, fair doctor, you are wrong; mine is the oldest profession in the world”.

The Computer Scientist leaned back in her chair, smiled, and then said confidentially, “Ah, but who do you think created the chaos?”


The local bar was so sure that its bartender was the strongest man around that they offered a $1000 bet. The bartender would squeeze a lemon until all the juice ran into a glass, and hand the lemon to a patron. Anyone who could squeeze one more drop of juice out would win the money. Many people like weight-lifters, wrestlers, body builders, etc had tried over time, but nobody could do it.

One day this scrawny little man came in, wearing thick glasses and a safari suit, and said in a tiny, squeaky voice, "I'd like to try the bet." After the laughter had died down, the bartender said OK, grabbed a lemon, and squeezed away. Then he handed the wrinkled remains of the rind to the little man. But the crowd's laughter turned to total silence as the man clenched his fist around the lemon and 5-6 drops fell into the glass. As the crowd cheered, the bartender paid the $1000, and asked the little man, "What do you do for a living?

Are you a weight-lifter, or what?"

"No," replied the man.

"I work as a project manager in a software company !! "

Didn't get it.. :( – Zaid Amir Jan 12 '10 at 15:01
This seems to imply that project managers have super tight grip... but surely that would be more like an accountant or something. – thecoshman Apr 21 '10 at 8:46
Project managers squeeze the shit out of you...! – Kasturi Apr 30 '10 at 18:19
my manager would easily squeeze 10 more drops out of it after this guy leaves – Jus12 Aug 22 '10 at 16:53
Its more likely the guy s from IRS – tksy Sep 16 '10 at 9:21

Software Development Cycles in use:

  1. Programmer produces code he believes is bug-free.
  2. Product is tested. 20 bugs are found.
  3. Programmer fixes 10 of the bugs and explains to the testing department that the other 10 aren’t really bugs.
  4. Testing department finds that five of the fixes didn’t work and discovers 15 new bugs.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 three times.
  6. Due to marketing pressure and an extremely premature product announcement based on overly-optimistic programming schedule, the product is released.
  7. Users find 137 new bugs.
  8. Original programmer, having cashed his royalty check, is nowhere to be found.
  9. Newly-assembled programming team fixes almost all of the 137 bugs, but introduce 456 new ones.
  10. Original programmer sends underpaid testing department a postcard from Fiji. Entire testing department quits.
  11. Company is bought in a hostile takeover by competitor using profits from their latest release, which had 783 bugs.
  12. New CEO is brought in by board of directors. He hires a programmer to redo program from scratch.
  13. Programmer produces code he believes is bug-free…
It's funny because it's sad – Jens Roland Feb 22 '09 at 18:58
this is so true :D – Arnis L. Jun 10 '09 at 10:20
Amazing, amazing, amazing... Damn...it should be on the top of the list – Suraj Chandran Mar 5 '10 at 4:46

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