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i have two excel sheets

An example of the two sheets are below


a 1
b 2
d 1
e 3
g 1



i want to put a formula in b1 of sheet 2 and drag it down so that the resulting sheet 2 is


a  1
b  2
c  0
d  1
e  3
f  0

explanation : - a = 1 because same value in book1
                b = 2 because same value in book1
                c = 0 because c does not exist in book1
                d = 1 because same value in book1
                e = 3 because same value in book1
                f = 0 because f does not exist in book1

what formula can i use in b column of sheet 2 ?

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A combination of if(), iserror() and vlookup() will be your best bet here.

Assuming your data from sheet1 is in a range called 'refdata',


should do what you need (Where A1 is the cell containing the data you want to match on)

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In Excel 2007 it looks like this:

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