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How can I call a Odata Service from my Windows Phone 8.1 App. There is no "Add Service Reference". Microsoft don't support this feature anymore for xaml Windows Phone 8.1 Apps.

How can I bind this Odata Service now?

Any ideas...



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You can use the WebAuthenticationBroker

MSDN Reference

Windows Universal Apps Sample

Vittorio Bertocci wrote a great article to demonstrate how to use WebAuthenticationBroker with Office365 api (EWS/OData)

Link to the blog post

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I need OData Service not OAuth... –  user1861065 May 2 at 10:00

"Add Service Reference" is not supported any more, but a new one is in the landscape: T4. Please take a look at this blog post: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/odatateam/archive/2014/03/11/how-to-use-odata-client-code-generator-to-generate-client-side-proxy-class.aspx.

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