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I have one kernel module which has declaration as char arr[100]; and exported it like, EXPORT_SYMBOL(arr);

In second module I am trying to use it as extern char *arr; and in read of this module when I try to snprintf(buffer,100,"%s\n",arr);

This line gives error like

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address XXXXX"

What should be cause for this?

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Are you sure that both modules are loaded and the access is required after loading module with arr? I think better way can be to create function, which will return address of the buffer. –  osgx May 1 at 13:36
Yes, first inserted module is with arr[100] and then i trying to read value from second module. –  codegeek May 1 at 13:38
what is the size of "buffer"? –  Sasi May 1 at 18:07
@osgx: My problem solved by taking extern char arr[100]; in second module. Thanks for your time. –  codegeek May 2 at 4:02
Could you please answer your own question for posterity ? It makes perfect sense to answer you own question and accept it as "works for me". This will help community as whole. Please read on FAQ –  Abhijeet Kasurde May 18 at 3:13

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My problem solved by taking extern char arr[100]; in second module.

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