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I have only one admin account with a password.

What I would like to do is to block the "Create new admin account". Is it possible ?

Why I want to do this ? My brother go to my computer while I leave it log in, so he doesn't need password, then he creates an admin account for him. And after that he install games like LoL, Hearthstone, ... games I don't wanna be on my PC, well not on that one at least.

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Why not leave the PC logged in with an account that doesn't have permissions to create accounts and whenever you need to do something like that, it will ask for a password.

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Ok, can you explain me how you do that or a link ? –  D3fman May 2 at 11:47
Off the top of my head, somewhere in the control panel there is an icon for user accounts. Use that to create a user but don't give that user administrative rights. Then give the account that IS the admin a password that only you know (don't forget it!) This way your brother can still use the computer without being able to create new users. –  DavidG May 2 at 15:05

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