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Here is my problematique: I design my cell in my UItableView, so I added a title, a little description and an image. All thoses element are store in my database, so in my UIViewController I calculate every position to have a nice cell, if there is no image in a cell I change the position of the title and the little description.

To check if the image is present or not I do something like that:

if ([fiche linkImg]!=@"") { //draw position of element }
if ([fiche.linkImg length] > 0 ) { //draw position of element }

My problem is when I begin to slide in my tableview its very slow and often very often crash, and the error are sometimes:

[CALayerArray listImg] or [NSCFArray listImg]:

Any idea?

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Your description is a tiny bit confusing to see what is the problem.

I would suggest having a look at how to accomplish adding custom stuff to cell.

Have a read of apple's doc on UITableView especially a closer look at Table-View cells, if you scroll down in that section you will find examples of exactly the type of cells you are trying to create (text with pictures).

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Try adding like this

if([fiche linkImg]!=nil)

I tried and succeeded

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