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Hi i am making an android app, and for the app i have a TON of question-answers sets , and i want to have them in the app , but i don't wanna write them down every time when the app starts, so i started thinking database or a file with the Q&A with-in.

So in order to do so ,i created a database , but after a while i realized that i am putting the data in the database , and the very next line i am taking the data out of it, so the most logical way doing so is having a FILE ( or something else ) already filed with the data, and every time i need some data from there i can just read it.

So my question is-- Should i write a .txt file with ALL THE Q&A with-in , or something else, and if i DO write a .txt file where to store it in the res folder in the assets.


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something else, as you were correctly doing before "realizing", is using a db. Once you filled it with all your questions and all your answers (2 tables), you're ready to show your questions and then your answers. –  Der Golem May 1 '14 at 14:23

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Please check out the Next link that Shows the Storage Options in Android Devices Android Storage i recommand u go SQLite if DB is important to u..

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