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I have an app where I've used Tab Host to hold multiple activities on a single screen. This is how I'm adding tabs to the Tab Host.

TabHost tabHost = getTabHost();
TabSpec tab1 = tabHost.newTabSpec("Tab1");
View view = getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.tab_indicator, myLayout, false);
tab1.setContent(new Intent(getApplicationContext(), MyClass1.class));

In my custom view for indicator, there is a close button which is supposed to close that tab and the activity associated with it. Here is how I successfully removed the view from Tab-Widget when the close button is clicked on the tab.


This code removes the tab, but it does not remove the activity that was started in the FrameLayout (tabcontent), and it results in showing this Activity again when opened different tab with different Acvitiy.

For example, once I opened a tab with activity MyClass1 and closed it. Again I opened a new tab with activity MyClass2, but the old activity MyClass1 appears again instead of MyClass2.

Am I doing it wrong ? If it is wrong what is the correct way to close the tab along with the activity associated with it ?

Please Help. Thanks.

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I had to use a TabHost in one of my projects and as far as the tab closing goes, I gave it up and did it the brute way, as seems that TabHost is a bit tricky when closing tabs.

So I ended up calling .clearAllTabs() and restoring just the tabs I wanted to keep. The whole thing is even worse when you realize that once you've set your TabHost.TabSpec object, you cannot retrieve it, there's not any getTabSpec() method over a tab or similar, so I finally ended up declaring an ArrayMap<String, TabHost.TabSpec> and each time I add a tab, I also save it in that Map.

This way each time I have to call clearAllTabs() on the TabHost, I just have to iterate over the map and call .addTab() on each tab I want to keep with the TabHost.TabSpec as parameter (and of course, also remove the one I want to clear from the map).

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Thanks for the reply @nKn Did it successfully closed (finished) the Activity associated with the tab which was closed ? Adding the new from the Map will start the activity again, or it will just resume it ? –  Hemendra Sharma May 1 at 15:13
Yes, it closed it because when you call .clearAllTabs() it will destroy any content inside it, and it won't start the Activity again because you have saved its state in the Map (the TabHost.TabSpec will actually save the content of the tab, so when you call .addTab() you're just making it visible on the tab, but it has always been there). –  nKn May 1 at 15:17
Great !! I am now trying with creating new class which extends TabHost and it will have those missing functions which I want, to remove tabs with their contents. Will get back with results. Thank you very much. –  Hemendra Sharma May 1 at 15:22

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