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I am using a supplier's api and the response they send to our server includes a url to a file, upon trying to save this file locally I fail miserably.

def self.create_file_new(filename, ext, url)
  require 'open-uri'

  file = + ext) 

  # data = open(url).read
  # data = open(url, :http_basic_authentication => [username, password])

  file << open(url, :http_basic_authentication => [username, password]).read
  # file.write CGI::unescape(data)

  file =

  return file

I was originally getting a OpenURI::HTTPError (401 Unauthorised): but I have since created a file named bypass_ssl_verification_for_open_uri in app/initializers containing the following:

# Make open-uri work with https

which I found whilst Googling on how to fix it.

I then started to get this error message: NoMethodError (undefined method 'tr' for #<StringIO:0xb5b728c4>):, I tried creating another file (cgi_escape_fix.rb in app/initializers) containing this:

require 'cgi'
class << CGI
  alias_method :orig_escape, :escape
  def escape(str)

Which I also found on my Google travels but that doesn't seem to have solved anything, so I commented out the file.write CGI::unescape(data) to try a different way but still no joy.

Now in the log I am just getting a plain 500 Internal Server Error with no useful information.

The file I'm attempting to save will always be a pdf.

Ruby 1.8.7

Rails 2.3.14

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Why would you use Rails 2.3 in 2014? I think your original error was a result of invalid credentials and then you kept solving wrong problem. – Michal Szyndel May 1 '14 at 15:40
there's a couple of plugins that are heavily relied on which prevents an upgrade without a major rewrite. Do you mean the 401 error or the NoMethodError (undefined method 'tr' for #<StringIO:0xb5b728c4>):. The latter is what I got immediately after fixing the 401. – martincarlin87 May 1 '14 at 15:41
I mean 401. Did you confirm with curl that your username and pass are ok? – Michal Szyndel May 1 '14 at 15:44
not confirmed with curl but username and password should be fine as I can view the file in the browser with the same credentials. I have removed those new initializer scripts and just waiting on the response from the api which can take a few minutes. – martincarlin87 May 1 '14 at 15:48
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Got it to work with the following (two new initializer scripts removed):

file = + ext) 
file << open(url, :http_basic_authentication => [username, password]).read
file =

return file

Should also mention that this is being passed to the attachment_fu plugin incase anyone else has problems with it.

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