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I'm not an expert on DNS and MX configurations, so any help on this would be appreciated.

The problem is my website cannot send out emails to the domain-based email addresses.

  • website is
  • website can send emails to * or any other email addresses
  • website cannot send emails to * (they just don't receive any emails)
  • The domain-based emails work fine when used regularly (not being sent out from the website)
  • Domain is registered with Network Solutions
  • Website is hosted with GoDaddy
  • Only www, @, and * A Records are set to point to GoDaddy
  • Everything else (including the MX Records) are remaining the way they were before
  • The emails used to work fine before we moved to GoDaddy
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Contacted GoDaddy and they said they needed to turn off emails on our plan to fix this issue.

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