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My CSS class:
.oriz_menu{ font-size : 18px; border-top : 3px ridge darkred; border-bottom : 3px ridge darkred; border-right : 3px ridge darkred; }

Then when I try to get the border width it shows 0px:

I have also tried .css("borderTopWidth"))
Please help!

PS: I append the #menu element into a parent then set the class with $("#menu").addClass("oriz_menu")

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aside your question, why do you need to retrieve this value ? –  GCyrillus May 1 at 15:37
Not sure if related but your selectors do not match? In your css you have .oriz_menu but in your question you have #menu –  Godinall May 1 at 15:39
My browser is returning 3px -> jsfiddle.net/Dp5CX –  adeneo May 1 at 15:40
@Godinall the #menu element also has the .oriz_menu class –  Slim_Shady May 1 at 15:40
please provide html part too –  Amit Soni May 1 at 15:41

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first create #menu and then addClass , Then append to parent div , like so

var menuDiv = "<div id='menu'></div>";
menuDiv = $(menuDiv).addClass("oriz_menu");



Check this DEMO

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copied and pasted your code exactly.. I get alert: 0px –  Slim_Shady May 1 at 16:03
do you have div with id of parent in your HTML , only then this code works –  Amit Soni May 1 at 16:04
yes I changed the id to parent.. Really don't know what is wrong.. the JSFIDDLE works –  Slim_Shady May 1 at 16:06
can you please provide your full script –  Amit Soni May 1 at 16:11
it works now.. I was adding the class after logging the css.. thanks! –  Slim_Shady May 1 at 16:15

Here is a JSFiddle with the answer.


<div id="menu"></div>



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  • in javascript

var menuDiv = "";

menuDiv = $(menuDiv).addClass("oriz_menu");



  • in css



border:3px ridge darkred;


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Class name is not matching with CSS

In CSS you are adding styles to".Class"

But in jquery you are trying to add CSS for "#ID"

please change the class name to "menu".

Now you can see the difference, Hope it helped you.

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#menu is an ID not a class –  Slim_Shady May 1 at 15:50
please provide html and css ,i will try to fix it –  Manjunath Siddappa May 1 at 15:55

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