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I'm trying to validate an incoming request-order (xml format) against an XSD using a Camel route configuration. However I keep getting the error below. Can anyone help, my code is below.

public void configure() {

//Other code


            .to("validation:src/main/resources/xml/OrderCanonical.xsd", "{{jms.queue.fulfilmentRequest}}")
            .setHeader(ORDER_ID, xpath(XPATH_FOR_ORDERLINE).namespaces(nm).stringResult())
            .beanRef("indiciaService", "getIndicias")
                    .log(LoggingLevel.DEBUG, "Indicia call failed. Skipping call to Adobe.")
                    .beanRef("adobePostageService", "generatePdf")
                    .setHeader(BOLPMessageHeaders.STATUS, simple(BOLPFulfilmentStatuses.FULFILLED))
                    .log(LoggingLevel.DEBUG, PRINT_HEADERS)
                    .log(LoggingLevel.DEBUG, PRINT_BODY)

This is the error:

Caused by: org.apache.camel.FailedToCreateRouteException: Failed to create route BOLPFulfilmentRoute at: >>> To[validator:src/main/resources/xml/OrderCanonical.xsd] <<< in route: Route(BOLPFulfilmentRoute)[[From[{{jms.queue.fulfilmentReque... because of Failed to resolve endpoint: validator://src/main/resources/xml/OrderCanonical.xsd due to: Cannot find resource: src/main/resources/xml/OrderCanonical.xsd in classpath for URI: src/main/resources/xml/OrderCanonical.xsd
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I guess it should be validator instead of validation, right?

According to the error message, the XSD file is not found. Please try following file path:

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That worked great noob error :) Thanks a lot appreciate your help! –  dStudios May 1 at 20:22
@dStudios Maybe you may accept the answer, so that it is obvious that the proplem is solved. –  Peter May 2 at 7:36

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