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code first.

Gson gson = new Gson();

// 1.
ClassA a = gson.fromJson(json, ClassA.class)
gson.fromJson(jsonB, a)// make jsonB to a

// 2.
ClassB b = new ClassB();
gson.fromJson(json, b)// make json to b

Is this possible ? how ?





class A
    String name;
    Integer age;

A a = gson.fromJson(JsonA, A.class)
// try to do somgthing like this
// this part is what I want to do.
gson.fromJson(JsonB, a)

// then
assert a.getName().equals("wener")
assert a.getAge().equals(22)

So, just need something like this. fromJsonToInstance(String, Object);

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Could you elaborate? I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you want to know how Gson creates object proxies? Or do you want to know how it injects values? –  Isaiah van der Elst May 1 '14 at 16:13
I update my question, and found a way for myself.but this involved another Gson instance. –  wener May 2 '14 at 1:55

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public void testMergeObject()
    String jsonA = "{\"name\":\"wener\"}";
    String jsonB = "{\"age\":22}";
    Person person = new Person();
    Gson gson = new GsonBuilder().registerTypeAdapter(Person.class, new InstanceCreatorWithInstance<>(person)).create();
    gson.fromJson(jsonA, Person.class);
    gson.fromJson(jsonB, Person.class);

    assert person.getName().equals("wener");
    assert person.getAge().equals(22);
static class Person
    String name;
    Integer age;
static class InstanceCreatorWithInstance<T> implements InstanceCreator<T>
    T instance;

    public InstanceCreatorWithInstance(T instance)
        this.instance = instance;

    public T createInstance(Type type)
        return instance;

Now, I know what I want to do is change the instance creation process.

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