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Is there a way to link to an external application (so that it starts) when clicking on a link in a PDF file, e.g. in a beamer class LaTeX file?

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I usually use the movie command to open any video, audio, image file in an external viewer. But no, it will not open programs.

\movie[externalviewer]{Audio Title}{audio.wav}
\movie[externalviewer]{Video Title}{video.mp4}
\movie[externalviewer]{Image Title}{image.jpg}
\movie[externalviewer]{PDF Title}{doc.pdf}
\movie[externalviewer]{Gedit}{/usr/bin/gedit} % does not work
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It is possible! The following works well with my Acrobat, involves a bit PDF hacking. Just tested it on my Mac, you have to adjust it according your platform. Simply define the following macro

  % #1: layer name,
  % #2: link text
  \pdfstartlink user {
    /Subtype /Link
    /Border [0 0 0]%
    /A <<
      /F <<
         /DOS (xxx)
         /Unix (xxx)
         /Mac (#1)
      /S /Launch

Fix the "xxx" to maybe #1 as well or rewrite it to suit your need. Then, to add a link somewhere in the PDF called "Start" which launches "demos/1/Wave1D.app", just


This works well even for beamer class. With this, I can directly launch demo apps from a fullscreen presentation. Awesome!

Note again, though, this apparently only works with Adobe Acrobat (Reader). MacOS "Preview" does not work.

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+1 Worked beautifully on Mac OS X (10.7.2) with Adobe Reader. –  Cyrus S Apr 19 '12 at 11:48

I'm quite sure you can't. It's very application-dependent, system-dependent, and other-1000-things-dependent.

Afaik only url works quite well...

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