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Question 1: Would or be the best way to get a count of Hstore items in a column?

Question 2:

Also, since Hstore keys are unique, i am storing my values under the following key name schema:

"adult_0" => "Jack Johnson",
"adult_1" => "Mary Smith",
"child_0" => "Daniel Smith",
"child_1" => "Marcy Smith",
"child_2" => "Nathaniel Smith"

What would be the best way to do a count for each type (child/adult). would a method in the model, where i do query with something like key.include? "adult_" work, or is there no way to query based on key name?

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@ArupRakshit just move ur cursor on the tag hstore to see brief info – HackerKarma May 1 '14 at 19:37
If you have two questions please post two questions, otherwise it just gets messy and confusing if some answers tackle some questions. – Craig Ringer May 2 '14 at 0:23

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