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I have a written a program that takes in user input, but now I want to be able to save that input by editing a Google spreadsheet every time a user submits the form. So basically, the Google spreadsheet is constantly being updated.

Can anyone provide a tutorial on how I might be able to achieve this? I'm writing in Java using Eclipse, so which plug-ins would I need?

I have already tried using some of the sample code provided in the Google Spreadsheets API (adding a list row section), but I can't seem to get it to work.

import com.google.gdata.client.spreadsheet.*;
import com.google.gdata.data.spreadsheet.*;
import com.google.gdata.util.*;

import java.io.IOException;
import java.net.*;
import java.util.*;

public class MySpreadsheetIntegration {
  public static void main(String[] args)
      throws AuthenticationException, MalformedURLException, IOException, ServiceException {

    SpreadsheetService service =
        new SpreadsheetService("MySpreadsheetIntegration-v1");

    // TODO: Authorize the service object for a specific user (see other sections)

    // Define the URL to request.  This should never change.

    // Make a request to the API and get all spreadsheets.
    SpreadsheetFeed feed = service.getFeed(SPREADSHEET_FEED_URL,
    List<SpreadsheetEntry> spreadsheets = feed.getEntries();

    if (spreadsheets.size() == 0) {
      // TODO: There were no spreadsheets, act accordingly.

    // TODO: Choose a spreadsheet more intelligently based on your
    // app's needs.
    SpreadsheetEntry spreadsheet = spreadsheets.get(0);

    // Get the first worksheet of the first spreadsheet.
    // TODO: Choose a worksheet more intelligently based on your
    // app's needs.
    WorksheetFeed worksheetFeed = service.getFeed(
        spreadsheet.getWorksheetFeedUrl(), WorksheetFeed.class);
    List<WorksheetEntry> worksheets = worksheetFeed.getEntries();
    WorksheetEntry worksheet = worksheets.get(0);

    // Fetch the list feed of the worksheet.
    URL listFeedUrl = worksheet.getListFeedUrl();
    ListFeed listFeed = service.getFeed(listFeedUrl, ListFeed.class);

    // Create a local representation of the new row.
    ListEntry row = new ListEntry();
    row.getCustomElements().setValueLocal("firstname", "Joe");
    row.getCustomElements().setValueLocal("lastname", "Smith");
    row.getCustomElements().setValueLocal("age", "26");
    row.getCustomElements().setValueLocal("height", "176");

    // Send the new row to the API for insertion.
    row = service.insert(listFeedUrl, row);

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care to show the code you don't haev working? –  Marshall Tigerus May 1 at 20:18
I essentially copied and pasted Google's sample code, but there it is. I just replaced the URL with the URL of the spreadsheet that I want to be edited. That spreadsheet can be accessed and edited by anyone. –  Aaron May 1 at 20:30
the code in the example linked is C# code not java –  Marshall Tigerus May 1 at 20:31
@MarshallTigerus In the top right of the code area, you can click the Java option. –  Aaron May 1 at 20:37
didn't see that tab earlier. I don't see anything blatantly wrong with your code :( –  Marshall Tigerus May 2 at 1:30

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