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I hope this is enough code to describe the problem as if you need more it will be a LOT more

This ContentTemplateSelector is in a ListBox.ItemTemplate DataTemplate
There are like 6 Templates and they each have about 6 UI controls
These templates are used for edit - a date has a different template from a text

Above the ContentPresenter are some read only properties common to all

The ListBox has typically from 10 - 40 rows

The way the application used to work was a single edit frame below the ListBox and it would just load the appropriate edit Page on demand.
That was very fast but the user had to navigate to the edit frame.

With the in place editing via the ContentTemplateSelector it now takes 2 seconds to render compared to less than 0.1 seconds before.
The ContentTemplateSelector only about triples the amount UI controls so I would have expected 0.3 seconds.
There is definitely some (unexpected) overhead - shame on me for not bench marking.

Is there a way to get the edit template to load on demand so can get both in place editing speed?
Over 90% of the time they will not even go into edit mode on a field (row).

<ContentPresenter Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="2"
        ContentTemplateSelector="{StaticResource fieldTemplateSelector}">
        <MultiBinding Converter="{StaticResource visabilityConverterTwoBoolOneByte}">
            <Binding ElementName="cbEditMode" Path="IsChecked" />
            <Binding Path="RWnet" />
            <Binding Path="FieldDefApplied.FieldDef.ID" />
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