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Is there a good way to update committer email addresses in bzr? Using the fastimport plugin, I can do something like:

bzr fast-export --no-plain ./trunk/ trunk.fi
cat trunk.fi | bzr fast-import-filter--user-map=names.txt > trunk_clean.fi
bzr init fixed
bzr fast-import trunk_clean.fi ./fixed

What concerns me about this approach is that I'm worried that my branches won't be properly associated with the filtered trunk. As such, is there a better way to update committer email addresses? If I need to use fastimport, is there a way to do so where all the branches I care about are still associated with one another in the history?

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Use whoami like this:

bzr whoami "Firstname Lastname <email.address@example.com>"

Email addresses can also be set by branch in the config file:

vi $HOME/.bazaar/branches.conf

email=Your Name <name@other-isp.com>


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