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I am using mac osx 10.9 with python 2.7. I am using mac notification center to display notifications to users. My code is:

import objc
import Foundation
import AppKit

def notify(title, subtitle, info_text, delay=0, sound=False, userInfo={}):
    NSUserNotification = objc.lookUpClass('NSUserNotification')
    NSUserNotificationCenter = objc.lookUpClass('NSUserNotificationCenter')
    notification = NSUserNotification.alloc().init()
    if sound:
    notification.setDeliveryDate_(Foundation.NSDate.dateWithTimeInterval_sinceDate_(delay, Foundation.NSDate.date()))

def notificationBalloon(title,msg):
    notify(title1, msg1,"", sound=False) 

This user notifications are coming in the right corner of screen. But it is subpressed(not-highlighted) due to other apps notification messages which are also coming simultaneously. So how to make my app notification as high priority and be highlighted always.

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