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ok the X-ray link is http://www.westciv.com/xray/ and want to have an overlay like it.

It is easy to do but without all the images is simple but there is over 2000 lines and I cant keep up with removing its styling extras on-top.

I would like some small code so it can go in my main javascript file because I already have 200 + lines minimised to 1 line.. my site is still in test/demo as its not finished.. http :// jamesm. com. au/

I would be very happy to see someone has some code for us all.

I was thinking about this and I thought this would be in css and javascript for the drag and drop.. I have a drag manager set up so that is not needed for this. I DO NOT want to use j-query or related as my file will be large enough in the first place.


/*Rounded Corners is simple and is in my code already*/
[draggable=true]{curser:move;position:absolute; background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5);} 
[draggable=true] .title {background: rbga(0,0,0,0.9);}
/* in element style="top:100px;left:100px;" */


//dynamicly load the css without pausing the page load
function load(el,set_atts){ /*This part is in the head..*/
    el = document.createElement(el);
load("link",function(el){ /*This part is called by a function called by link*/
    el.rel = "stylesheet";
    el.href = "./main.css.php";
    el.type = "text/css;

What I want it to look like is sort-of like:

/----------\ // this part is slightly darker then below with the title centred.
|[][][][][]| // content of images with onclick to add elements arround selected text.
\||||||||||/ // © James McGlashan 2010.

and by-the-way how do you add elements around the selected text? Javascript please.

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I am not sure exactly then what you need. Do you need the element info? Because you said you already have drag n' drop as well as round corners. If so, for an elements absolute positions see quirksmode.org/js/findpos.html. btw, your site did not work in Safari 4, the JS error console return "parse error", try not to minify it until it is complete. –  Tom Feb 27 '10 at 20:32
what i'm after is the styling for a nice looking overlay i only have a box that can be dragged i want to have a title bar that i can also click on to drag my item.. –  nospam Feb 28 '10 at 9:20

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