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I'd like to test that a certain function gets called in a certain way, in my server-side javascript. I'm using Sinon mocks and stubs. Sinon has withArgs() method, to check that a function got called with certain arguments. Is it possible to use that method, withArgs(), if I pass a large complex callback function as one of the arguments?

var foo = function(){ method: function () {}};
// use: foo.method(function(){ console.log('something') } );
var spy = sinon.spy(foo, 'method');
spy.withArgs( ??? );
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Your example is a little confusing, because you've defined foo as a function, but the comment that follows calls foo.method():

var foo = function(){ method: function () {}};
// use: foo.method(function(){ console.log('something') } );

In any case, a "large complex callback function" is just an object. withArgs returns a spy object that is filtered by the given args, and you can use a function as part of that filter. For example:

var arg1 = function () { /* large, complex function here :) */ };
var arg2 = function() {};
var foo = {
    method: function () {}
var spy = sinon.spy(foo, 'method');
console.assert(spy.calledTwice);  // passes
console.assert(spy.withArgs(arg1).calledOnce); // passes
console.assert(spy.withArgs(arg1).calledWith(arg1));  // passes
console.assert(spy.withArgs(arg1).calledWith(arg2));  // fails, as expected


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See, I'd perefer to not use the complex function in the tests. – Victor Piousbox May 2 '14 at 19:49
Can you use a spy or a stub instead? – psquared May 2 '14 at 19:56
JavaScript, being dynamic, the way I currently go about it is by stubbing. Without using sinon.js or any other framework - I just rewrite the complex callback to do the minimal functionality and set some internal testing flags. So, my current solution is outside sinon.js. – Victor Piousbox May 3 '14 at 0:02

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