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Setup a graph using matplotlib which is working properly (see image below), but when I try to add a legend I get the following error: UserWarning: No labeled objects found. Use label='...' kwarg on indivial plots.

Here's the code I'm using to define the lines that I want in the legend and draw the legend:

#Moving average labels
smaLabel1 = str(SMA1)+'d SMA'
smaLabel2 = str(SMA2)+'d SMA'
smaLabel3 = str(SMA3)+'d SMA'

#Add SMAs to chart
ax1.plot(ind, avg1, '#5998ff', label=smaLabel1, linewidth=1)
ax1.plot(ind, avg2, '#ffbb82', label=smaLabel2, linewidth=1)
ax1.plot(ind, avg3, '#d689c4', label=smaLabel3, linewidth=1)
""" End SMA additions """

#Add legend

I've checked the smaLabel variables, and all hold the correct strings. Anyone know why the labels aren't registering?

enter image description here

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In the code you're using, what occurs between the last ax1.plot(..., legend=...) and plt.legend()? (e.g., plt.grid(), and so on) –  AMacK May 1 at 22:25
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You must have plot the candle plots and the volume before plotting the SMA. The candle plot doesn't have any labeled object, when you call the plt.legend(), it tries to plot a label for every plot on the current axes. Therefore, you get this UserWarning: No labeled objects found. Use label='...' kwarg on indivial plots.

To solve it, I hope it is clear at this point, simply requires you to plot the SMA's very first, before the candle plot, and call the legend() right after that before any other plots being generated.

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Thank you! Did not realize I needed to plot the SMAs before the candlestick. Changed the declare order and everything is working now. –  JDGD May 2 at 4:25
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