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I want to create an animation of a calculated function. I'm not able to install ffmpeg or mencoder on the cluster I'm using to run the animation, but imagemagick is installed. matplotlib.animation apparently supports imagemagick as a writer for animations (see here, for example). The documentation says that the supported formats are:

['png', 'jpeg', 'ppm', 'tiff', 'sgi', 'bmp', 'pbm', 'raw', 'rgba']

I recognize several of these as non-animated file types, but apparently ffmpeg supports .sgi files in some way. It's fine if the codec that I have to use on the cluseter is obscure if I can convert it on my home computer with ffmpeg or mencoder.

How can I use imagemagick to save an animation with matplotlib?

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Is an animated gif acceptable? –  ebarr May 1 at 22:57
@ebarr: Acceptable, but less than ideal. –  Dan May 2 at 5:14
Use the imagemagick writer that you link to. I really don't understand your question as I think you link to the answer in it. –  tcaswell May 2 at 12:59
@tcaswell: According to the documentation, gif isn't a supported format. –  Dan May 2 at 17:14
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