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I'm imagining something like msbuild /t:CodeplexRelease which would build, then upload the outputs to the specified Codeplex project.

Has anyone done this?

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Here's documentation on using the "CodePlex MSBuild Tasks" for creating and uploading files for a new release:

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You might be able to write a task that uses WatiN or Sellenium, but as far as I know CodePlex doesn't have an API for such automated tasks.

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Apparently, IT DOES EXIST. see this answer:… – Cheeso Mar 6 '10 at 21:19

Setting up a continuous integration server for a CodePlex project

SNAK - The Simple NAnt Acceleration Kit

Getting Continuous Integration Working With CodePlex: Part III

that should get you started.

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Interesting, but not exactly what I was talking about. – Cheeso Mar 6 '10 at 21:19

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