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Right now all buttons are visible and disappears after I click it. I would like the buttons to show within a certain time period. Show one button for the week on the button. Don't show all buttons at one time. Any help is appreciated.

    function enableButton(thisButton, nextButton) {
    thisButton.style.display = "none";
    document.getElementById(nextButton).disabled = false;

<br />
<input type="button" id="button1" value="September 1 - September 5"  
     onclick="enableButton(this, 'button2')" /><br>
<input type="button" id="button2" value="September 8 - September 13" 
     disabled onclick="enableButton(this, 'button3')" /><br>
<input type="button" id="button3" value="September 16 - September 20"   
     disabled onclick="enableButton(this, 'button4')" /><br>
<input type="button" id="button4" value="September 23 - September 27"  
     disabled onclick="enableButton(this, 'button5')" /><br>
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If it's september 1, you only want to show the button that says September 1 - September 5? –  fiction May 1 '14 at 22:38
I only want the sept 1 - sept 5 button to appear and show during those dates. Then hide itself again. –  user3217574 May 1 '14 at 22:58

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