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I am using one of 2 Javascript to return geoip information. Here are the JSFiddles for the 2 Javascripts:



What I am trying to do is pass the information in to php session variables:

$_SESSION['ip'] = 
$_SESSION['hostname'] = 
$_SESSION['city'] = 
$_SESSION['region'] = 
$_SESSION['country'] = 
$_SESSION['loc'] = 
$_SESSION['org'] = 
$_SESSION['postal'] = 

The problem is I don't know how to set the $_SESSION variable equal to the $.get response. I think I have to use json_decode().

Thank you in advance.

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you are already on the right track, after getting that data, call your php then set the values –  user1978142 May 1 at 23:45

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