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I am using the Lidgren library in order to communicate strings throw computers over network. I can get notified when a client disconnects from the server but I can not when a client connects. I tried this piece of code running in a different thread :

 static void connectionCheck()
        if (server.ConnectionsCount != con)

            for (int i = con; i < s_server.Connections.Count; i++)
                Console.WriteLine(server.Connections[i].Peer.Configuration.LocalAddress.ToString() + " connected");
            con = server.ConnectionsCount;

where con is the old number of connections. The only output I get is connected after the newly connected client sends a message. Why isn't this working and how can I get notified when a new connection is established?

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Call ReadMessage() on s_server; when you receive a message of type StatusChanged, examine the first byte, it holds a NetConnectionStatus enum - if it's "Connected" then a remote peer just established a connection to this peer.

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