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I want to add a modal in my project, so I folowed this Question but when I click on my Ajouter demanderbutton nothing appears(my modal dosn't appear). This my code :
Partial View :

@model pfebs0.Models.DEMANDE

<div class="modal-header">
<button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="modal" aria-hidden="true">×</button>
    <h3 id="myModalLabel">Ajouter un demande</h3>
@using (Html.BeginForm()) {

    <div class="modal-body">
        <div class="controls">
            <label for="Citoyen_CIN" >CIN(Nom) du demandeur</label>
            @Html.DropDownList("CIT_CIN", String.Empty)
            @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.CIT_CIN)
        <div class="form-group">
            <label for="Description">Description d'offre</label>
            @Html.TextAreaFor(model => model.DESCREPTION)
            @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.DESCREPTION)
        <div class="form-group">
            <label for="Observation">Observation</label>
            @Html.EditorFor(model => model.OBSERVATION)
            @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.OBSERVATION)
        <div class="modal-footer">
            <button type="submit" class="btn btn-default">Valider</button>&nbsp; &nbsp;
            <button type="reset" class="btn btn-default">Fermer</button>&nbsp; &nbsp;


Details View (I puted only Modal code to avoid having long code ) :

 <button class="btn btn-primary CreateDM" data-id="@Model.CIT_CIN">Ajouter demander</button>
    <div class="modal hide fade in" id="CreateDM">
      <div id="CreateDM-container"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function () {
        $('.createDM').click(function () {
            var url = "/Citoyen/CreateDM"; // the url to the controller
            var id = $(this).attr('data-id'); // the id that's given to each button in the list
            $.get(url + '/' + id, function (data) {

CreateDM action :

        public ActionResult CreateDM(decimal id)
            var newDM = new DEMANDE();
            newDM.CIT_CIN = id;
            return PartialView("_CreateDM", newDM);

So what's wrong in my code ?

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Don't make it hide by default. Try <div class="modal fade in" id="CreateDM"> instead of <div class="modal hide fade in" id="CreateDM">. (Remove hide). – Ishtiaq May 2 '14 at 5:27
Check what you have in data. I placed your code in JsFiddle just witout ajax request and it works correctly. So your code should be ok. – Nicolai May 2 '14 at 6:32
@Ish it dosn"t slove my problem – Chlebta May 2 '14 at 20:19
@Nicolai so what's the problem if my code it's OK ? – Chlebta May 2 '14 at 20:20
Check if CreateDM action returns correct html code. – Nicolai May 2 '14 at 20:22
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Try giving your Ajouter demander button a unique ID

<button id="btnCreateDM" class="btn btn-primary CreateDM" data-id="@Model.CIT_CIN">Ajouter demander</button>

And then add your click event using the new ID. Also, just use a Url.Content for the path to the controller, sometimes a hard coded path causes problems.

    $('#btnCreateDM').click(function () {
        var url = '@Url.Content("CreateDM")'; // the url to the controller
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this dosn't work for me have you any other solution – Chlebta May 2 '14 at 20:19
Are you getting any errors or does it just do nothing when you click the button? Set a breakpoint on your controller action to see if it's ever getting to the action. – JB06 May 3 '14 at 22:56

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