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I'm using a ContentControl to display various ViewModels, which all use DataTemplates for view generation.
Now the problem is, after i change the content (by clicking on a hyperlink for example), things such as hyperlinks appear inactive (i.e. grayed out), until i click on the UI again. Is there any way to avoid this behaviour without having to simulate a mouseclick?

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I'm having the same a very similar problem and haven't yet fixed it, but it does sound like calling CommandManager.InvalidateRequerySuggested() might help you out.

Here's my question this week that is similar, I think. unforgiven3 linked me to his question as well.

Although there might be some question about whether or not the CommandManager route is the way to go, as I mentioned in my question's edited text, Laurent Bugnion's MVVM Light Toolkit relies on this mechanism to do his command binding updates.

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