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I am trying to load a web log data into my SQL Server database. One of my column contains an url link, for example

I need to load rows contain "questions" string in the url column only.

In my SSIS package, I use conditional split with condition:

FINDSTRING(url, "questions", 1) >= 1.

I got 500 rows.

However, when I try to confirm it in the database with the following condition:

where url like '%questions%'

I got 530 rows.

I though this two conditions are equivalent and should return same number of rows. Can anyone help me point out what are the difference between these filters? Thanks.

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2 Answers 2 difference you can find is

Ex URL: ""

so doing a like :

select * from table where column like '%/questions/%'

doing  FINDSTRING(url,"/questions/",1)=1

should give you exact results !

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SSIS is case sensitive, whereas your SQL query is likely being evaluated in a case insensitive fashion.

Try FINDSTRING(LOWER(url), "questions", 1) >= 1

Or, if you prefer the SSIS answer, try where url like '%questions%' collate Latin1_General_CS_AS

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