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I have a datagridview and once I populate the view with the data source I hide the columns that I do not need. For some reason the 1st column is not hiding. I have checked the column name and they match and the 2nd line executes fine hides the column for the EVENTID. I even did a dgvTourOther.Columns("OTHERID").name) and it returned the correct name.

dgvTourOther.Columns("OTHERID").Visible = False
dgvTourOther.Columns("EVENTID").Visible = False

Any idea what could cause a datagridview not to hide a column? It is like some other property is locking that column..

The values being passed are all strings. I do this on 3 other datagridviews ok but for somereason this gridview is acting different. I am going to try an rearrange the columns and see if that helps.

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What is the data type on the column that won't hide? –  Nick Feb 26 '10 at 14:10

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I remember having this issue on a project a couple years ago. There were two potential solutions as I recall. The first was moving the .Visible setting code out of the Constructor (assuming thats where you have it now) and into something like the Form_Load event.

The second solution (which may have been what really worked for me) was to move the columns I wanted to hide to the end (right side) of the grid. Stupid I know.

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I rearranged the columns on the gridview and now they all hide fine now. I kept the column names the same but just rearranged them and put the two ID columns at the end. I would still like to see if their is something else going on that I am not aware of. –  JPJedi Feb 26 '10 at 15:02
@JPJedi - Like I said... I remember this from a project a couple years ago, so the details were fuzzy. I just remember it frustrated the heck out of me, and I never felt like I found a good reason. It may just be a bug. –  Nick Feb 26 '10 at 15:56

Are the name of the column in datagridview same as that which are in the datasource. This can be a reason for this problem

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