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Is there an Application.DoEvents() equivalent in wxPython?

I am creating a form, then doing a slow I/O event, and the form is only partially drawn until the event finishes. I'd like to have the form fully drawn before the I/O starts.

I've tried self.Refresh(), but it has no effect.

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wx.Yield or wx.SafeYield

Although you should really use a separate thread to do the I/O and use wx.CallAfter to post updates to the GUI thread.

I usually use a pattern like this:

def start_work(self):
    thread = threading.Thread(target=self.do_work, args=(args, go, here))
def do_work(self, args, go, here):
    # do work here
    # wx.CallAfter will call the specified function on the GUI thread
    # and it's safe to call from a separate thread
    wx.CallAfter(self.work_completed, result, args, here)
def work_completed(self, result, args, here):
    # use result args to update GUI controls here

You would call start_work from the GUI, for example on an EVT_BUTTON event to start the work. do_work is run on a separate thread but it cannot do anything GUI related because that has to be done on the GUI thread. So you use wx.CallAfter to run a function on the GUI thread, and you can pass it arguments from the work thread.

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Thanks for the fast response. I'll look into doing the IO on a separate thread. – James Feb 26 '10 at 14:27
Thank you very much sir, there is no documentation that explains how to work properly with IO in wxpython. Your example explain it very nicely. – Jah Oct 12 '12 at 0:33

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